Migration of Granta Access Control

Proven Granta access technology can be shaped up for the future by migration with user-friendly PATRONUM software platform. Existing Granta hardware can be used furthermore.  

The preservation of the door readers, controllers, etc. reduces the costs of the system renewal massively. No costly wirings and installations are necessarry by the use of the existing infrastructure.

Installation free of interruption and trouble-free data migration

With the PATRONUM Software users benefit from a Software platform that provide even much more functionality and the highest security standards.

The multifunctional and modular PATRONUM security platform also integrates manufacturer independent applications on one platform. The operator uses with PATRONUM additional functions and systems like videosurveillance, biometrics, alarms, intrusion detection Technology, Payment etc. The solution is prepared to fulfil the individual demands of the customers completely.

Switch to new system without high investments

Topical and future high security standards in the access control and the building surveillance can be reached - with clear cost advantages compared to other update solutions.

Advantages of update with PATRONUM® Security Suite

+ Clear update costs:
    Basically firmware and software updates.

+ Employee's trainings of the Software:
    An easy software structure requires only normal Training expenditure.

+ Extensive modules:
    The PATRONUM software was developed since 2012 and supports more funtions than Granta.

+ Video control based on software:
    Video crossbar is substituded with a software solution.

+ Own Software development:
    Software adaptions can be done very quickly.

+ Parallel operation during conversion possible:
    Granta Software runs until PATRONUM is arranged completely.

Update of Cardkey Pegasys900 (P900) possible:
    Pegasys system of Johnson Controls can be implemented.






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